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Anneal Business Coaching

Teaching Others How to Grow with Marketing

Martin Holland Consulting on location at a construction site.
Anneal Business Coaching encourages its clients to invest in marketing so they can see the same growth as Anneal.

Their Story

The Student Becomes the Master

Martin Holland is a lifelong businessman. Born the son of an entrepreneur, he grew up around the language and culture of business. After earning a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s in Business Administration, he helped create seven businesses in a variety of industries. Out of the seven, Martin was able to profit off of five: three were sold, and two still belong to him and his wife.

After experiencing success in the business world, Martin sought to show other business owners how to grow their companies. He founded Anneal Business Coaching, a firm that teaches business owners the principles of success. Anneal offers a variety of services for clients who are looking to clarify their company’s purpose, increase their revenue, and spend more time away from the office.

Their Goal

Teaching Clients to Invest in Marketing

Anneal’s clients are often industrial manufacturers and contractors. Martin finds that these workers are secure in their trade, but they sometimes lack the time and resources to optimize their business.

Marketing is one big area where Anneal provides coaching to these clients. Martin hired Benali to develop a marketing strategy for Anneal, so he often refers his clients directly to Benali for their marketing needs as well.

Martin says that contractors and industrial workers often view marketing as an expensive, nonessential cherry-on-top. He works with Benali to teach his clients that marketing is an investment, and revenue from marketing often takes time to show up. Martin refers to good marketing as a money machine: “You poke a dollar in the top, you crank the handle, and ten come out.”

He also stresses that marketing involves an enormous amount of strategy, which is why contractors should be wary of treating it too casually. He warns them not to hire their nephew to design their website, or to use outdated marketing methods like Yellowpages to generate leads.

Martin wants his clients to develop a stream of steady, predictable leads that can convert into sales. To do this, he connects them to Benali, who helps each company establish a solid systems foundation, create original content, and generate more leads.

Their Success

A Chain of Prosperity

When asked about his own success in marketing, Martin speaks highly of Benali.  “I think I know marketing pretty well, but I still refer [my customers] to Benali….I trust them completely. They’ve had a tremendous effect on my business.”

Benali has provided different marketing services for Anneal and its clients. Their main focuses often include website design, content creation, and continued advertising and social media updates. Martin utilizes the strengths of the entire Benali team to improve both Anneal and his clients’ companies. “I get a whole team of people with different skills - content writers, technical people, [videographers], photographers - for about a third of what it would cost me to hire an [internal] marketing person.”

One of the greatest parts of the relationship between Anneal and Benali is the ease. Martin estimates that it would take a year out of his life to learn how to do what Benali does for his company and his clients. He appreciates that he can focus on other aspects of his company while Benali takes care of the marketing side of things. “I should do what I’m good at, and let [Benali] do what they’re good at.”

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