We are no longer taking applications for the Account Management Internship. All new applications will not be accepted. Thanks for your interest!

Account Management Internship

What It Means to be an Account Management Intern at Benali

As Account Management Intern at Benali, you will be a big help for our company. You’ll be joining the account management team as the second member, and contributing to our clients' success in many different ways. You’ll get experience that prepares you for many future career paths, because you’ll be collaborating with team members and interacting directly with clients each week. This is a position located in Norman, OK. Must be available to work on-site from time-to-time and work remotely otherwise. This is a 40hr/week, paid internship.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for an Account Management Intern.
  • You are personable; you love people in general, are relational by nature, and love to listen and hear what people have to say.
  • You have active listening skills; even when someone is talking about something you don't understand, maybe not at all, you are able to ask questions & create some value as a member of the given conversation
  • You are outgoing; you enjoy always keeping friends in mind and are known for a timely phone call or text message to a friend when you sense one is needed.
  • You are organized; you take group projects/tasks more seriously than others because it brings you joy and a sense of fulfillment, and are the one to get or keep the ball rolling, keeping things from falling through the cracks.
  • You always have either a notebook or a Google Doc handy in class, because you see the value in taking notes so that you can remember things better and clearer at a later time.
  • You aren't necessarily a perfectionist to a fault, but are detail-oriented, and are constantly thinking of ways that something can be done differently to be better or more efficient.
  • You genuinely enjoy learning, and see the value in investing in your skillset.
  • You are able to jump back and forth between various tasks easily; able to remove yourself from one mindset and get into another one for the sake of a project or task easily
  • You are looking to build experience as it relates to business or client relationships of any kind.

What’s Expected of You

  • You believe together is better. You’re unified with our team in our goals and our work, in our wins and in our losses, because you know that teams do it best.
  • You’re always inspired. You’re eager to learn, to grow, and to work on things you’re curious about.
  • You like to be real. You're not afraid to be yourself or to tell and hear the truth and learn from it.
  • You make it work. You’re a problem solver and solution finder who never settles for okay.
  • You believe change is certain. You're constantly looking to improve and understand it's okay to tweak things and pivot.
  • You celebrate good times. You're proud of your work, our team’s work, and advocate for others to be their best.

What You Can Expect of Benali

  • We will trust your decisions and give you the authority to make decisions. We’ll never cover you in red tape.
  • We will support you personally and professionally with our time, resources, and attention. We’ll never leave you hanging.
  • We will invest in you and your craft. If you desire to grow, we never want to be your bottleneck.
  • We will challenge you. We are constantly improving because we are constantly overcoming challenges. You’ll never be bored.
  • We will listen to you. Your voice matters to us and you have a seat at our table. We’ll never shut you out.

Why Build a Career at Benali

  • We’re a small but growing team looking to elevate ourselves and our clients.
  • We believe in doing meaningful, good work for our clients that makes an impact on not only their business, but also in their everyday lives.
  • We serve growing small businesses and constantly see the fruit of our labor, from seed to harvest.
  • We build authentic relationships within our team and with our clients that go beyond transactional meetings.
  • We’re passionate about growth and development at the company and individual levels. There will always be opportunities for advancement for you.
  • We’re obsessed with our clients success and are always looking to help them transform their business and their lives.
  • We regularly make time for developing ourselves individually and as a team. We want everyone to leave Benali better than when they stepped in.
  • We believe work should be meaningful.
  • We believe in flexibility.
  • We believe work should be fun.
  • We believe our work should have a positive impact on ourselves and others.

What You’ll Focus on at Benali

  • Internal Work:
    • Benali calendar management assistance
    • Client calendar management assistance
    • Onboarding Client organization assistance
    • Assistance with management of Benali team's client-related tasks (general)
    • Commitment to personal time investment (blog articles, courses, training) to personally stay up on business best practices, as well as help the team be elevated in that area
  • External (Client-Facing) Work:
    • Secondary point of contact for inbound client email communication
    • Secondary point of contact for outbound client email communication
    • Client Meetings
    • Meeting prep/planning assistance
    • Meeting attendance/note taking
    • Meeting follow-up
    • Weekly client touch assistance
    • Assistance with clients' software implementation/training (HubSpot, DialPad, etc.)
  • Vendor Work:
    • Total management of scheduling/coordination of photography/videography vendors with clients
    • Vendor communication on project follow-up and timely files retrieval
If you think you’re the right fit for Account Management Intern at Benali, start our application process by completing our VideoAsk.

And once that’s done, please fill out our official application as well.
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