We are no longer taking applications for the Graphic Design Internship. All applications after April 26th will not be accepted. Thanks for your interest!

Graphic Design Internship

What It Means to be a Graphic Design Intern at Benali

As Graphic Design Intern at Benali, you will be working closely with our Senior Designer as part of a close-knit, collaborative, marketing team. You’ll build real-world design experience and play a key role at Benali working with our creative team on internal and external projects. Working under the guidance and mentorship of our Senior Designer, you’ll get to work on a range of active client marketing projects including branding, web design, layout design and social media design. This role will either be onsite in Norman, OK or fully remote and will run through the summer at 40 hours per week with the potential to continue to part-time during the following school year. This is a paid internship.

What We’re Looking For in a Graphic Design Intern

  • You’re a current graphic design student looking for a full-time, summer-long internship.
  • You have a portfolio to share, containing design samples, clear communication of your process and any insights gained. 
  • A collaborator; you enjoy being part of a team and working towards a common goal. You’re comfortable working with other designers as well as with other disciplines such as writers and strategists.
  • You are eager to learn and see getting feedback on your work as an opportunity to grow and improve on your skills.
  • You know that design is, in part, the process of elimination and that feedback on your work is never personal. 
  • Great follow-up skills and won’t be shy in asking questions for clarity.
  • You’ve got an eye for details; you’re the first to spot miss-aligned content, pixelated photos, typos and wonky kerning, and will point them out when you do.
  • You are self-motivated and resourceful; you can stay on task independently and enjoy finding creative solutions to design challenges.
  • You are able to jump back and forth between various tasks easily; able to remove yourself from one mindset and get into another one for the sake of a project or task easily.
  • You are looking to gain real-world experience within marketing and design.
  • You’re comfortable using a range of Adobe programs, especially InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop (AfterEffects a major plus).
  • You’re familiar with, or happy to learn, digital design programs such as Sketch, Webflow, Squarespace, Hubspot and Canva.

What You’ll Focus on at Benali

Depending on our active clients and your preferences, your tasks will range from branding to web and social design. You and the Senior Designer will work out which tasks are most fitting to your career goals and interests. These include tasks such as:
  • Web Design
    • Assist in building out websites on Squarespace and/or Webflow.
    • Applying fonts, colors and graphic styles to new and existing web pages.
    • Help establish site-wide style consistency and clarity.
  • Social Design
    • Help set up and apply social media templates for a range of our clients.
    • Collaborate in finding creative ways to display and advertise content on social media for our various clients.
  • Layout Design
    • Assist with presentation deck design and templating.
    • Apply client branding to digital ebook resources.
    • Infographic layout designs.
  • Branding
    • Collaborate on developing new logos and branding systems.
    • Auditing existing client brands and finding opportunities for improvement.

What’s Expected of You

  • You believe together is better. You’re unified with our team in our goals and our work, in our wins and in our losses, because you know that teams do it best.
  • You’re always inspired. You’re eager to learn, to grow, and to work on things you’re curious about.
  • You like to be real. You're not afraid to be yourself or to tell and hear the truth and learn from it.
  • You make it work. You’re a problem solver and solution finder who never settles for okay.
  • You believe change is certain. You're constantly looking to improve and understand it's okay to tweak things and pivot.
  • You celebrate good times. You're proud of your work, our team’s work, and advocate for others to be their best.

What You Can Expect of Benali

  • We will trust your decisions and give you the authority to make decisions. We’ll never cover you in red tape.
  • We will support you personally and professionally with our time, resources, and attention. We’ll never leave you hanging.
  • We will invest in you and your craft. If you desire to grow, we never want to be your bottleneck.
  • We will challenge you. We are constantly improving because we are constantly overcoming challenges. You’ll never be bored.
  • We will listen to you. Your voice matters to us and you have a seat at our table. We’ll never shut you out.

Why Build a Career at Benali

  • We’re a small but growing team looking to elevate ourselves and our clients.
  • We believe in doing meaningful, good work for our clients that makes an impact on not only their business, but also in their everyday lives.
  • We serve growing small businesses and constantly see the fruit of our labor, from seed to harvest.
  • We build authentic relationships within our team and with our clients that go beyond transactional meetings.
  • We’re passionate about growth and development at the company and individual levels. There will always be opportunities for advancement for you.
  • We’re obsessed with our clients success and are always looking to help them transform their business and their lives.
  • We regularly make time for developing ourselves individually and as a team. We want everyone to leave Benali better than when they stepped in.
  • We believe work should be meaningful.
  • We believe in flexibility.
  • We believe work should be fun.
  • We believe our work should have a positive impact on ourselves and others.
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