Elevating a Family-Owned Business Into Its Ideal High-End Market

We helped Alpha Surfaces digitize its sales process to save time and better manage its pipeline. A rebrand + new website target their ideal high-end homeowner, while design templates + strong messaging make it easy to stay in front of their leads.


Alpha Surfaces


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Working with Benali has given Alpha Surfaces the tools they need to expand their business into an ideal high-end market.

“When somebody hires me [to do countertops], they know I’ll take care of them. That’s what I feel when I’m working with Benali…..I trust one hundred percent in what they’re going to do for our business.”

Their Story

Keeping it in the Family

Brothers Sergio and Ricardo Garcia were raised in the countertop business.

From a young age, they helped their father in his workshop, watching him work and learning his techniques. “That’s how we picked up the love for...the natural stone,” says Sergio.

He’s the owner of Alpha Surfaces, a countertop installation company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where his brother, Ricardo, is the operations manager.

Together, they offer countertop installations for homeowners, builders, and designers.


Developing Brand Identity and Organization

Before Alpha Surfaces established a relationship with Benali, the company looked completely different. Sergio and Ricardo were unsure about a few different aspects of their business, starting with its name. The company went by Alpha Granite, and customers would often ask Sergio whether the company installed other materials. He realized that the name was too restrictive and might even be driving away potential customers.  

Custom Kitchen Countertops by Alpha Surfaces Photographed by Benali

The problems extended to the company’s internal operations. Sergio’s whole business used to be contained in a few paper binders. He shared the story of the moment he knew he needed to change his organization methods: “I had all of my [upcoming sales] jobs [in the car]. I rolled the window down… and the whole binder just blew out of the window… right in the middle of the highway.”

The company’s main goal was to acquire high-end customers. Before working with Benali, most of Alpha Surface’s new contracts came from referrals. Without targeted marketing, Sergio found it difficult to create visibility for Alpha Surfaces as a well-known professional business. He wanted the company’s name to reach the lucrative, upscale homeowner market.


From Binders to Big-Ticket

Sergio and Ricardo worked with Benali to overhaul their business. The Benali team tackled the visible aspects of the company, including the name, the logo, and the website. The company adopted a new name - Alpha Surfaces - as well as a redesigned logo and a clean, professional website. He says that these new additions have helped him expand the business into his target market.

Benali has also helped to streamline the company’s internal processes. HubSpot, a customer relationship management software, has replaced Sergio’s binders. Though the software presented a learning curve at first, both brothers agree that it’s much more efficient than keeping everything on paper. “When I look at the software, I can prepare ahead,” says Ricardo.

“I know how much production we’ve got on schedule, and I know how much we need to get done and when.”

Sergio appreciates that Benali feels like a part of the Alpha Surfaces team, rather than a group of strangers. The Benali team is well-versed in Alpha Surfaces’ business and target customers, and this helps them identify specific marketing strategies that will work well for the company. “I feel like Benali is an extension of Alpha Surfaces,” says Sergio. “We work as a team.”

Sergio and Ricardo are relieved that Benali takes care of the marketing side of their company. This gives them more time to focus on the most important parts of their business: craftsmanship and customer service. “When somebody hires me [to do countertops], they know I’ll take care of them. That’s what I feel when I’m working with Benali…..I trust one hundred percent in what they’re going to do for our business.”


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